The AXA Fuel Card saves you 2 cent per litre on Topaz petrol and diesel

  • Save 2 cent per litre every time you fill up
  • No need for cash or credit cards
  • Weekly direct debit with eBilling
  • Free Card with PIN security
  • Simple online application
  • 330 participating stations in ROI


How to Apply

You will need:

  1. Your AXA Insurance Policy number
  2. Valid email address
  3. Current Bank Account Details
  4. Car registration number

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* Please read the full terms and conditions on the Fuelcard Form page


Important Information

  • Convenient Payment by Direct Debit
    You will be kept up to date every week by email followed by your direct debit 7 days later and your fuel bill will be easily recognised on your bank statement.
  • E-Billing and up to 14 days Interest Free Credit
    AXA Fuel Card holders will receive their e-invoice by email on a regular basis through E-Billing. Your e-statement will clearly show your savings every 7 days and all your purchases will be paid conveniently by direct debit 7 days later, giving you up to 14 days credit.
  • Valid at any of the 330 Topaz stations in the Republic of Ireland
    With 330 locations available in the Republic of Ireland there’s sure to be a Topaz station near you. You can see all the available locations by clicking here.
  • No Government Tax
    Because the AXA Fuel Card is not a credit card it does not attract any Government tax.
  • Keep track of your fuel spend
    As an AXA Fuel Card customer you can take advantage of the Topaz online system that allows you to view all your transactions as well as all your previous invoices. Details such as how much fuel you bought, where you bought it and what price you paid can all be viewed at the touch of a button
  • Need to refuel in a hurry?
    Text your nearest town to 50456. We’ll direct you to your nearest Topaz garage for free!


Existing Fuel Card Customers

Ordering Additional Cards, Replacement Cards, or cancelling cards

  1. Order a Replacement Card (Order a replacement card because the card is damaged or there is a change of vehicle registration or driver)
  2. Order Additional Cards (Order additional cards for your account for new vehicles or drivers)
  3. To cancel a card (Stop a card that has been lost or stolen or is no longer required)
  4. PIN Reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the AXA Fuel Card?
You can only apply for your card online at and visiting the AXA Fuel Card page. Full details of the offer and how to apply are displayed here. By clicking on the “Apply Here” button you will then asked to complete an online application form and agree to the terms and conditions associated with use of the card.


What information do I need when I apply
Simply fill in the online application form with your valid AXA Policy number and your bank account details that you want to use for your direct debit.


How do I find my AXA policy number
Your AXA policy number is a nine digit policy number that can be found on your AXA Plus card or in any communication that you receive on your policy from AXA. Alternatively it can be found on your AXA Insurance windscreen disc. The number on your windscreen disc is usually displayed in the following format 12/55/123456789W. The 9 digit policy number that you use when applying is highlighted as follows 12/55/123456789W


How many cards can I sign up for?
You may sign up for a maximum of 2 cards at no additional cost. However, please remember that each card will be subject to payment from the same bank account.


Is the AXA Fuel Card available to business or fleet owners?
Sorry not at the moment. The AXA Fuel card has been designed solely for the private motorist. However if you are a business or fleet owner and would like to have a Fuel Card, Topaz would like to hear from you and they have a special team who specialises in this area. Click here for more information.


Can I sign up for an additional card at a later date?
Absolutely! You can have a maximum of two cards per account and to order an additional card or cancel existing ones, you must send your request in writing to Topaz. Contact the Topaz Fuelcard Team on 1890-323232 or simply e-mail NB. You must quote your account number (located at the top of your invoice) or your full card number with each request


How long will it take for my card(s) to arrive?
Applications normally take 28 days from the day your direct debit mandate is received to delivery of your card.


What should I expect to receive in the post?
You will receive one envelope by post in relation to your application. This will contain your card(s), a welcome letter and a site directory of where the card may be used. Separately by the verified e-mail address you supplied with your application form you will receive an e-mail with your unique PIN . This PIN must be used every time you purchase fuel and it cannot be changed as it is unique to your card. If you have forgotten PIN please click here.


I have forgotten my PIN
If you have forgotten PIN please click here.


Can I change my PIN
Sorry no, it cannot be changed as it is unique to your card. If you have forgotten PIN please click here.


If my card doesn’t arrive within 28 days, what should I do?
If your application is delayed, you will be notified directly by AXA Fuelcards. However, if you have not been contacted and your card has not arrived within 28 days from the day your completed direct debit mandate should have been received, you should contact the Topaz Fuelcard Team on 1890-323232 or simply e-mail


Where can I use my card?
Click here for a list of participating stations


Can I use the card internationally?
No. The card is only applicable to the Republic of Ireland.


Can I purchase anything else with my AXA Fuelcard?
You can purchase Petrol, Diesel, Lubricants and Carwashes with your AXA Fuelcard.


Can the card be used at any other petrol stations in the Republic of Ireland?
No. The AXA Fuelcard will only be accepted by Topaz stations in the Republic of Ireland


Are there any Topaz Stations that do not accept the card?
Yes. Although 99% of the Topaz network in Ireland accepts the Motorcard, there may be a small number that do not participate in the scheme. This is for a variety of reasons but the most common is that the site is due to be sold and will soon cease trading under the Topaz brand. Should you encounter a Topaz station that is not accepting your AXA Fuel Card please let us know at


Are there any hidden costs involved other than related bank charges?
No. The AXA Fuel Card is provided free of charge to current AXA policy holders and is not liable for the government duty placed on credit cards.


Is there a minimum amount that I have to spend on the card?
No. The AXA Fuel Card is provided free of charge to current AXA policy holders and is not liable for the government duty placed on credit cards but for your security a purchase limit of €150 per rolling 24 hours applies to each account.


Is there a maximum amount that can be spent on the card?
For your security a purchase limit of €150 per rolling 24 hours applies to each account.


How do I pay for my purchases?
All payments are made by weekly direct debit from your bank account


Can the Direct Debit be taken directly from my Credit Card Account?
Unfortunately not. To apply for the AXA Fuel Card, you must have a current bank account


When is the direct debit taken from my account?
All AXA Fuel card holders will have the benefit of up to 2 weeks interest free credit. At the end of each week you will receive an e-bill for that week’s fuel purchases and then 7 days later Topaz will direct debit your account for the e-bill amount. The e-bill will state clearly how much is due to be taken from your account and on what day this will occur.


Will I need any special software to read my invoice?
In order to open and read or print your e-bill you will need the software Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website. For instructions of how to download and install this software onto your computer please visit


Will I be notified in advance of the Direct Debit?
You will have a minimum of seven days’ notice before the direct debit is processed.


What happens if I miss a Direct Debit?
If a direct debit is returned unpaid for technical reasons, a member of Topaz’s credit department will contact the cardholder in an attempt to rectify the problem. Technical returns are not subject to any penalties or fees. However, if a direct debit is returned for credit reasons the card will be immediately stopped. This is a security precaution and designed to combat fraud or any unauthorized use of a stolen card. A Topaz representative will make contact with the card holder, inform them of the situation and request payment for the overdue amount plus a €30 handling fee


What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
To report a lost or stolen card you can send an e-mail to detailing your name, address and vehicle registration number or contact us at 1890.323232. Let us know which cards have been lost and we will place them on stop and have replacements issued straight away.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available online only
  • This offer is available to AXA Insurance Republic of Ireland customers only
  • You must be a current AXA Insurance customer
  • To apply you will require;
    Current e-mail account | Bank account that accepts Direct Debits | Current AXA Insurance policy
  • Subject to Topaz Terms & Conditions