AXA and iKydz Home puts you in control of your child’s online safety

Be a parent with facts, not fears.

AXA has teamed up with iKydz Home, the Irish-owned smart device and app that lets you manage your child’s internet security. It allows you to be aware of what your children see and hear, who they meet, and what they are sharing about themselves online. Think of it as the gate-keeper to the internet where you decide what your kids can and cannot see.

iKydz Home is a smart device that plugs into your home modem, allowing you to monitor and control what your children see and do online. You can manage any device in your home including phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and gaming consoles. You can view your children’s online activity, block websites, filter content, set online time allowances, and control where your children go online. All iKydz Home features are easily customisable to suit each of your children based on their age.

As an AXA customer, you’ll save €20 off the regular retail price of an iKydz Home smart device when you buy online through the AXA Plus website.

You don’t have to constantly look over your child’s shoulder to know what they’re doing online. Instead, you simply install the iKydz Home smart device, download the app and modify the settings to suit your family’s needs.

  • AXA Customer Price: €79
  • Regular Price : €99 (Save €20)

At AXA, we know that protecting and monitoring your children’s activity is one of the major challenges parents have, but iKydz Home makes it a little easier.

We secure our homes by locking doors and windows, and turning on alarms, but how many of us leave our internet wide open? The consequence is that we don’t know what our children are accessing when they’re online. iKydz Home changes all that and puts you back into control.

The internet can be a wonderful resource for our children and young adults, but it can be a dangerous place, too. iKydz Home lets you give your kids the freedom to explore online while maintaining control over what they see and do.

More Information

How it works

iKydz Home is a smart device that plugs into your modem. It acts as a safe and secure shield that lets you block and monitor what your children see online, on any device. You can add and manage as many devices as you want. When you have the device set up, download the iKydz Home app on your phone and you’ll have complete control over the level of content filtering, online time allowances and where your children are allowed and not allowed to go online. All features are easily customisable to suit each of your children based on their age.
With iKydz Home, you can:

  • Manage and control different devices with the secure app, even when you’re not home
  • Block access to adult content
  • Auto-schedule screen time
  • Restrict social media access
  • Access family usage reports and alerts
  • Disable camera and in-app purchases
  • Shut down the internet
  • iKydz Home for young children
    iKydz Home is the best internet safety solution for parents with young children. Use iKydz Home to provide a safe search environment for your kids, block adult content and pop-ups, and set automatic time limits to make sure your little ones are not online for too long.
  • iKydz Home for pre-teens
    Set the online rules for your pre-teens using iKydz Home and provide a safe online environment by blocking adult content, gaming and gambling sites. You decide when and where your pre-teen can go online, all from your phone.
  • iKydz Home for teenagers
    Teenagers are looking for more freedom, but when it comes to removing the study distraction that online time can cause, iKydz Home is perfect. Studies have shown that constant interruption from social media leads to lower grades. Open a dialogue with you teenagers about how they can use iKydz Home to remove study distractions and help them to get to where they want to go.


Great iKydz Home features

  • Shut off the Internet
    Do you ever wish that your kids would focus on dinner or a family game without internet distractions? Use the Mealtime button to shut down all your children’s Internet access for 30 minutes. Just enough time for them to eat their dinner and maybe even have a conversation with you!
  • Age-based restrictions
    Apply age-based restrictions to your child’s devices with one easy click. You wouldn’t want your six-year-old seeing the same things that your 15-year-old. All you have to do is apply the appropriate restriction to your child’s device. By applying a loose restriction to your pre-teen’s device, they get to see what they want to, but you still have the option of reducing their screen time.
  • Block Apps
    Use iKydz Home standard blocks to prevent or limit access to social media, chat rooms or other apps. When iKydz Home discovers an app that children might be tempted to use, they put it on a list and give you the option of blocking it. Their lists are updated regularly and you’ll always receive the updates at no additional cost.
  • Block Websites
    iKydz Home has a Global Block Lists that block content such as adult, gaming, violence & gambling. These lists are updated automatically by iKydz Home, so you never have to worry. You can also block social media and other sites and apply these block lists to specific devices.
  • Block Pop-ups
    Concerned about inappropriate pop-ups appearing when your child is online? iKydz Home were, and so they developed iKydz Home’ internet safety software to make sure that your child doesn’t see what you don’t want them to see, accidentally or intentionally.
  • Filter Content
    Apply suitable web content filters to individual devices based on the age of your child. Easily set your internet filters for each device from highly restrictive to none. The iKydz Home parental control software allows only age-appropriate content through to the device. Better yet, because of how their internet content filtering software is deployed, iKydz Home is tamper-proof!
  • Monitor Internet Use
    Using the iKydz Home Internet Monitoring Reporting tool, you can monitor how long your children spent online and what they spent their time doing. IKydz Home believes all parents should have open communication with their children, so you’ll get an Internet Activity report for your family, which will let you identify who’s doing what online.
  • Schedule Online Access
    Easily set daily or weekly schedules for when your children cannot be online. Use and adjust iKydz Home standard Schedules, or simply create your own. Help your children focus on their study, get them outside to play or exercise, or just make sure they get some sleep!

Terms and Conditions

  • This saving is only available through the special designated web link from the AXA Plus website
  • This offer is available to AXA Insurance Republic of Ireland customers only
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Subject to iKydz terms & conditions
  • €2.50 p&p applies

How to Redeem this offer:

You must purchase your iKydz home device online here with AXA Plus using our specially tailored web link. Follow the purchasing steps as outlined and the saving is already applied for you. A P&P charge of €2.50 applies - click here to continue