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The AXA Fuel Card saves you 2 cent per litre on Topaz petrol and diesel


Save 2 cent per litre every time you fill up
No need for cash or credit cards
Weekly direct debit with eBilling
Free Card with PIN security
Simple online application
321 participating stations in ROI
click here to apply
You will need:
1. Your AXA Insurance Policy
2. Valid email address
3. Current Bank Account Details
4. Car registration number
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Already have an AXA Fuel Card?
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Convenient Payment by Direct Debit
You will be kept up to date every week by email followed by your direct debit 7 days later and your fuel bill will be easily recognised on your bank statement .

E-Billing and up to 14 days Interest Free Credit
AXA Fuel Card holders will receive their e-invoice by email on a regular basis through E-Billing. Your e-statement will clearly show your savings every 7 days and all your purchases will be paid conveniently by direct debit 7 days later, giving you up to 14 days credit.

Valid at any of the 321 Topaz stations in the Republic of Ireland
With 321 locations available in the Republic of Ireland there’s sure to be a Topaz station near you. You can see all the available locations by clicking here.

No Government Tax
Because the AXA Fuel Card is not a credit card it does not attract any Government tax.

Keep track of your fuel spend
As an AXA Fuel Card customer you can take advantage of the Topaz online system that allows you to view all your transactions as well as all your previous invoices. Details such as how much fuel you bought, where you bought it and what price you paid can all be viewed at the touch of a button

Need to refuel in a hurry?
Text your nearest town to 50456. We’ll direct you to your nearest Topaz garage for free!


Existing Fuel Card Customers - Ordering Additional Cards, Replacement Cards, or cancelling cards


Order a Replacement Card (Order a replacement card because the card is damaged or there is a change of vehicle registration or driver)
Order Additional Cards(Order additional cards for your account for new vehicles or drivers)
To cancel a card (Stop a card that has been lost or stolen or is no longer required)
4. PIN Reminder


Frequently Asked Questions
AXA Fuel Card Terms & Conditions
List of Participating Stations


Terms and conditions

  • This offer is available online only
  • This offer is available to AXA Insurance Republic of Ireland customers only
  • You must be a current AXA Insurance customer
  • To apply you will require
    • Current e-mail account
    • Bank account that accepts Direct Debits
    • Current AXA Insurance policy
  • Subject to Topaz Terms & Conditions
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